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When players sit down at Game King® machines, the first thing they’re likely to notice is the incredible multimedia presentation. IGT Game King® themes greet players with a vivid multimedia presentation for a very entertaining experience. Game King® games offer dozens of themes and paytable variations, so you can provide your players with the very latest in branding and technology. IGT is committed to giving you the best games by continually testing and adding theme variations to our vast game library.

IGT’s Game King® machines deliver the styling and user friendly options that attract players while providing the security, ease of service and level of reliability you expect. Make the most of your floor space with IGT Game King® machines, available with a choice of monitor sizes and a variety of sleek cabinet styles designed to attract and satisfy players.

Game King® Features

  • Easy access and serviceability
  • Sophisticated security features
  • Minimal maintenance and downtime resulting in increased profits
  • Enhanced digital sound
  • Easy-to-read, high-resolution graphics
  • User-friendly touchscreen/button panel combination
  • Ever-expanding game library for enhanced product mix and versatility
  • Renowned IGT quality and reliability

Advanced Technology

The Game King® machine brings flexibility to casino operators by using high performance processing technology. These machines use a future-based processor to achieve extraordinary game-play speed, and enable performance upgrades that are unprecedented in the industry. Plus, 100% software compatibility assures the ability to grow to meet your future needs.

Reliability and Serviceability

Your ability to sustain earnings depends on the reliability of your machines. And no other gaming machine in the world can provide the dependability of an IGT machine. The Game King® machine’s exceptional modular design enables removal of components in minutes without the use of tools, resulting in less down time and easy servicing.


The ability to sustain and compound earnings depends on the machine’s ability to remain reliable, easily serviceable, and secure. No other manufacturer in the industry provides security like IGT and IGT has taken every precaution to make our machines the most secure on the market today, offering an impressive list of features, many of which are not part of our competition’s current products.

  • Electronic coin acceptors with optical anti-stringing detection
  • Tamper-proof externally read hard meters
  • High security bill acceptors
  • Secure monitoring system for storing critical accounting information
  • Easy access to printer and cash storing compartments for daily operations without opening machine door

Capability and Future Expansion

With an almost unlimited capacity for expansion, IGT’s Game King® Series represents what may be the most valuable and cost-effective machine investment you will ever make. Check these forward-looking features

  • Expansion capabilities for internal and external devices and peripherals
  • Compatible with a wide variety and number of peripherals without adding hardware
  • Unsurpassed communication connectivity

Additional information on Game King® machine hardware available.

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