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Health, Dental & Vision Plans

International Game Technology is very committed to the welfare of employees and their families. Our goal is: "To provide you with quality and competitive benefits that meet your needs, and are financially reasonable for you and the Company."

We have a superb and affordable Employee Benefits Program. The Company pays for the vast majority of your health care cost (Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision Plans).

Health Benefits

IGT offers two medical plans to suit the different needs of our employees.

Under the Hometown Health (HHP) or PacifiCare HMO Plans, the employee’s choice is restricted to In-Network providers. Employees need to select a primary care physician who will help direct all of their care including referrals to specialists. The only exception is that a woman can go directly to her network OBGYN for a well-examination without a referral. Employees may change their primary care physician if they wish during the year, but they must notify the HMO, in advance, of the change. The HMO Plans give employees a high level of benefits with equivalent out-of-pocket cost. There is a $15 co-pay for a physician’s office visit and most other services are paid at 100% or are subject to moderate co-pays.

Under the IGT PPO Medical Plan, employees have unrestricted choice to seek treatment from any licensed providers. Employees who use In-Network providers, benefits are paid at a higher level. There is a $15 co-pay for a physician’s office visit. ”Most other services are paid at 90%.” Hospitalizations are paid at 90% after a $150 per admission co-pay. Employees can also choose Out-of-Network providers. However, benefits will be paid at 70% of usual and customary fees after a $500 calendar year deductible per individual. Under the PPO, employees need not select a primary care physician, and they may directly access a specialist at any time.

Dental Benefits

Under the IGT Dental Plan, employees have the freedom to choose any dentist. Employees that use an In-Network dentist, will receive a discounted fee and benefits will be determined accordingly. However, if employees use an Out-of-Network dentist, usual and customary fees will be applied in determining benefits. By using an In-Network dentist, their out-of-pocket cost will be lower. In-Network dentists are available nationwide.

Vision Plan

Under our ”low cost” Vision Plan, you may use any provider. However, the highest level of benefits is received when you use an In-Network participating provider. Out-of-Network providers are reimbursed on a fixed schedule.

Prescription Drug Plan

The Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) will provide coverage for prescriptions for employees. Regardless of which plan employees elect, PPO or HMO, they will receive prescription drug coverage through the PDP. Employees will be able to use all the major pharmacies and most independent pharmacies to receive prescriptions.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

The Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans provide you with income protection in the event you become disabled and are unable to work. IGT pays for the ”full cost” of the Plans.

Life Insurance/AD&D/Business Travel Insurance

The Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) plans provide for Basic and Optional/Voluntary coverage to provide financial protection to you and your family in the unfortunate circumstance of a death or accidental dismemberment to you or a family member.

The Business Travel Accident Plan (BTA) provides additional financial protection to your family in the unfortunate circumstance of either your death or accidental dismemberment while on Company travel.

IGT pays the “full cost” of the Basic, Life, AD&D and BTA. You pay for the full cost (at preferred group rates) of the Optional Life and Voluntary AD&D.


401(k) Plan

Saving money is important and, preparing for retirement is essential. Contributing to the 401(k) part of the Plan provides you with an immediate and long-lasting advantage. Employees can contribute to their 401(k) account on a tax-deferred basis after having completed 30 days of employment. The Company supports employees’ participation through a matching formula.

  • Employee contributions: 100% fully vested
  • Company matching contributions: 100% ”immediate vesting”

Profit Sharing Plan

Profit Sharing is a fundamental belief and expresses the value we place in employees. Based on profits, the Company makes a ”generous annual contribution” to an employee’s 401(k)/Profit Sharing account. This contribution is based on business unit profitability and vests over time and the percentage is allocated evenly among all employees.

Cash Sharing

As with Profit Sharing, a portion of the profits are returned to employees twice a year ”in cash.” Taken with the 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan contribution, IGT dramatically demonstrates its beliefs that people make the difference.

Though past performance is not an indicator of future performance, employees talk about the 401(k) company match, the profit sharing contribution and cash sharing as ”15 months pay for 12 months work.”

Employee Stock Purchase

Employees can participate in the growth of the Company through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. The purchase price is determined by taking a 15% discount from the lower of the fair market value (closing price) of a share of IGT stock as of the first day of the Plan Year or on the last day of the Plan Year.

Employee Referral Program

Employees are encouraged to participate in IGT’s referral bonus programs by recommending qualified candidates for positions open within the Company. Current IGT employees who have referred applicants (who are subsequently hired to fill the eligible positions) will receive the appropriate referral bonus.

Educational 529 Plan

The Educational 529 Plan is provided to employees as means to help them save for their children’s or grandchildren’s college education in a flexible and affordable manner. The Plan allows employees to make post-tax contributions, while deferring federal income tax on earnings.

This Plan was made possible as a result of recent federal legislation created in response to state requests to assist families in affording the rising cost of higher education. It is maintained under the rules of Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. Most states have set up 529 plans with a financial partner. Employees can use the proceeds from the Plan at most accredited colleges, universities, and technical schools to pay for educational expenses.

Some states offer tax advantages but you have to participate in that state’s plan. IGT’s Plan, through Fidelity, is through the State of New Hampshire. The Plan provides you with the ability, through Fidelity, to research investment opportunities and diversify your investments among a broad range of investment opportunities.

Paid Leave

Discretionary Time Off

IGT believes in work/life balance, hence we combine sick leave, vacation and personal days into a single Discretionary Time Off (DTO) program. This gives employees flexibility to manage their personal life.


IGT offers eight (8) paid holidays per calendar year. It is not unusual for the company to declare additional paid time-off to recognize its employees’ extraordinary contributions.

  • New Year’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day


Adoption Assistance

IGT provides financial reimbursement for eligible adoption expenses incurred in excess of the IRS credit, up to a maximum of $7,000 per child, following the adoption. The IRS provides a credit (dollar for dollar reduction of tax) against income tax for up to $10,160, subject to a phase out for employees with an adjusted gross income exceeding $151,940.

Dependent Scholarship Program

This program has been designed to assist employees’ dependent children and dependent grandchildren who plan to continue education in an accredited college or a vocational school program. Under this program, up to 25 non-renewable scholarship awards will be granted each year.

Employee Assistance Plan

The Employee Assistance Plan is ”paid by IGT” for employees and their families. This national program provides information, referrals, and short-term counseling for problems affecting either your work or personal life on a strictly confidential basis. As a member, employees have access to assistance from highly experienced counselors 24-hours per day, 365 days a year.

Onsite Daycare Facility

The Company provides onsite daycare (Reno) and subsidizes the cost to employees. Employees with children, from 6 weeks to 12 years of age, have found this to be a wonderful benefit. To find out more on this benefit, click on the following link: Child Garden Daycare


Tuition Reimbursement

IGT encourages its employees to develop their skills and continue their learning by providing financial assistance through the tuition reimbursement program.

  • Employees must have completed ninety (90) days of continuous service prior to beginning a course of study.
  • Employees receiving educational payments under the G.I. Bill, grants or scholarships will only receive tuition reimbursement for the difference between actual costs and the G.I. Bill, grant or scholarship benefits up to the allowable limit of this policy.

Onsite Training Center

Continuing in the view of our employees making the difference, IGT is committed to their development. Our in-house staff sponsors training and development programs aimed at giving employees tools and learning experiences that stretch and maximize their capabilities.

In addition, IGT maintains a substantial web-based library of programs. Employees can enter the classroom on-line at their convenience, to learn new skills or simply brush-up on their current skills.

Onsite College Campus Classes

IGT employees can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Business without leaving the IGT campus! The Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) curriculum is a special year-round schedule with short breaks designed especially for IGT employees. The Associate degree can be earned in two and one half years. Other classes you have already taken at TMCC may apply to this degree. AND… the University of Phoenix has agreed to apply the Associate level courses from TMCC towards a Bachelor’s degree in Management.


Fitness Center & Wellness Programs

IGT provides a fitness center in Reno and Las Vegas and has wellness programs for all of its emloyees.

The Las Vegas facility is 735 square feet complete with treadmills, bike, elliptical machine and an extensive array of resistance machines. This new facility has lockers and showers available to employees.

The Reno facility is 1500 square feet complete with lockers and showers. It is equipped with treadmills, stair masters, exercise bikes, and an elliptical machine. In addition, it is equipped with dumbbells from one to one hundred pounds, as well as numerous resistance machines. The gym is always staffed by nationally certified trainers who have extensive backgrounds in strength training, body fat reduction and cardiovascular programs. The fitness center also offers workstation ergonomic evaluations and works in conjunction with a local physical therapy clinic in providing worker’s compensation rehabilitation.

There is also an internal website that focuses on Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness & Wellness Incentive Programs, and includes links to other helpful websites. Various group exercise classes are offered to IGT employees on-site. The classes include Yoga, Pilates, Self-Defense and Circuit Training Classes. Offsite locations are also able to participate in incentive programs via the Intranet site. All these services are FREE to IGT employees!

Finally, fifteen minute chair massages are offered for a nominal fee to both Reno and Vegas employees once a week.

Promotion/Transfer Opportunities

IGT believes in promoting from within and has established an Internal Promotion/Transfer Policy that offers employees the opportunity to apply for positions that they are interested in and qualified for. Job openings will be posted on BrassRing Systems. Internal applicants will be given preferential consideration if they apply within the first five (5) days of posting. At the same time, the Company may advertise and recruit external applicants.

Patent Recognition Program

IGT offers an intellectual property incentive program for its eligible employees. Eligible employees are compensated for their approved invention disclosures. The compensation amount is dependent on whether a patent application is filed or whether the disclosure is kept as a trade secret.

Employee Discounts

Various discounts are offered to IGT employees. Many local businesses will contact IGT to advertise their discounts on our employee Intranet site. Florists, Spas, Salons, Car Dealerships, Security Services, Cell Phone companies, Automotive shops, Restaurants, Apartment communities, Mortgage companies and even Realtors are examples of businesses on this list.

In addition, IGT offers a GM Supplier Discount, a PC purchase program through DELL, a software discount program through Microsoft, discount tickets to various theme parks, and also discount tickets to various ski resorts.

Onsite Cafeteria

IGT Reno has a full service, onsite cafeteria that serves up a variety of specials.

Employees are able to pick from various food stations including, Fresh Grille, Soup Stop, Morning Editions, Pizza Trattoria, Adobe Cafe, Market Carvery, Sandwich station, and full service salad-bar.