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Health, Dental & Vision Plans

International Game Technology is very committed to the welfare of employees and their families. Our goal is: "To provide you with quality and competitive benefits that meet your needs, and are financially reasonable for you and the Company."

We have a superb and affordable Employee Benefits Program. The Company pays for the vast majority of your health care cost (Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision Plans).

Health Benefits

IGT offers two medical plans to suit the different needs of our employees.

Under the Hometown Health (HHP) or PacifiCare HMO Plans, the employee’s choice is restricted to In-Network providers. Employees need to select a primary care physician who will help direct all of their care including referrals to specialists. The only exception is that a woman can go directly to her network OBGYN for a well-examination without a referral. Employees may change their primary care physician if they wish during the year, but they must notify the HMO, in advance, of the change. The HMO Plans give employees a high level of benefits with equivalent out-of-pocket cost. There is a $15 co-pay for a physician’s office visit and most other services are paid at 100% or are subject to moderate co-pays.

Under the IGT PPO Medical Plan, employees have unrestricted choice to seek treatment from any licensed providers. Employees who use In-Network providers, benefits are paid at a higher level. There is a $15 co-pay for a physician’s office visit. ”Most other services are paid at 90%.” Hospitalizations are paid at 90% after a $150 per admission co-pay. Employees can also choose Out-of-Network providers. However, benefits will be paid at 70% of usual and customary fees after a $500 calendar year deductible per individual. Under the PPO, employees need not select a primary care physician, and they may directly access a specialist at any time.

Dental Benefits

Under the IGT Dental Plan, employees have the freedom to choose any dentist. Employees that use an In-Network dentist, will receive a discounted fee and benefits will be determined accordingly. However, if employees use an Out-of-Network dentist, usual and customary fees will be applied in determining benefits. By using an In-Network dentist, their out-of-pocket cost will be lower. In-Network dentists are available nationwide.

Vision Plan

Under our ”low cost” Vision Plan, you may use any provider. However, the highest level of benefits is received when you use an In-Network participating provider. Out-of-Network providers are reimbursed on a fixed schedule.

Prescription Drug Plan

The Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) will provide coverage for prescriptions for employees. Regardless of which plan employees elect, PPO or HMO, they will receive prescription drug coverage through the PDP. Employees will be able to use all the major pharmacies and most independent pharmacies to receive prescriptions.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

The Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans provide you with income protection in the event you become disabled and are unable to work. IGT pays for the ”full cost” of the Plans.

Life Insurance/AD&D/Business Travel Insurance

The Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) plans provide for Basic and Optional/Voluntary coverage to provide financial protection to you and your family in the unfortunate circumstance of a death or accidental dismemberment to you or a family member.

The Business Travel Accident Plan (BTA) provides additional financial protection to your family in the unfortunate circumstance of either your death or accidental dismemberment while on Company travel.

IGT pays the “full cost” of the Basic, Life, AD&D and BTA. You pay for the full cost (at preferred group rates) of the Optional Life and Voluntary AD&D.

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