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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are cards dealt on a video poker machine?
A: In current IGT poker products, five cards are dealt off the top of the deck at the time the game is started.  When the player selects the cards to hold and presses the deal/draw button, the game draws an additional five cards from the top of the deck to replace any discards.  The discards are replaced in left to right order, in the same manner a normal poker game is dealt.
For example: The player is dealt the Ace of Hearts, two of Clubs, Ace of Clubs, four of Diamonds, and six of Spades.  The player then decides to discard the two of Clubs, four of Diamonds, and six of Spades.  The two of Clubs is replaced with the top card, the four of Diamonds is replaced with the second card, and the six of Spades is replaced with the third card.
Q: What is the difference between a slot machine and a video lottery terminal?
A: The definition of a video lottery terminal, or VLT, varies widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  In Rhode Island, for example, VLTs must be "video games" that cannot "dispense coin, cash or tokens."  In contrast, Delaware allows both "mechanical" spinning reels and video displays, and the machines can dispense coins.  New York has adopted the position that VLTs cannot contain any type of mechanical display – only video – or employ random number generators.
An attorney in the Kansas state government wrote a one-page paper on this question and concluded, "…the definitional line between a modern 'slot machine' and a 'video lottery terminal' is rather blurry.  There really are very few practical differences between the two, and many of those differences are subject to change, depending on the definitional parameters given the gaming machine by the legislature of that state.  Each state that approves electronic gaming machines must establish the type of machines it wishes to allow in the state and create a statutory or regulatory definition that will fit.  The machines may then be technologically designed to fit those standards, and it matters very little (if at all) whether they are called 'slot machines' or 'video lottery terminals'."
Q: I'm planning to visit Las Vegas (or another gaming jurisdiction), and I really enjoy playing the Money Storm® (or any other game theme) slots.  Which Las Vegas casinos have Money Storm® slots?
A: Since new game themes are continually being introduced on casino floors, IGT may not have an up-to-date list of all games currently available in all casinos.  If you know which casino(s) you plan to visit, give the casino's slot department a call and ask if that game is available.
Q: Does IGT sell used machines to individuals for home use?
A: No, IGT no longer sells used machines.  However, there are a number of used-machine stores in Las Vegas and Reno.  Try Showcase Slots in Las Vegas at 1-888-522-7568.
Q: Where can I purchase parts for my gaming machine?
A: IGT only sells parts to casino customers. If you have purchased your machine from a reputable seller, it is best to contact the seller directly. Another source for machine parts is the Internet. Many Search engines can find local parts suppliers in your area
Q: Is there game software of IGT games that I can use on my PC at home?
A: No, IGT makes its game software for use in its gaming machines, within casino settings – not for play at home on a personal computer.
Q: How do I submit a new game idea to IGT?
A: Click here for more information.
Q: How often is the MegaJackpots area of the web site updated?
A: Our MegaJackpots area is updated daily (M-F).
Q: Why is it when a jackpot hits on a weekend I don't see the information on the web site for a few days?
A: When a jackpot hits on a weekend, the jackpot information must be verified before it is posted to the site. The verification of a jackpot takes at least 2 working days. Therefore, the jackpot information is always posted at least 2 days after the hit

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