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IGT Systems

IGT was one of the first slot manufacturers to use microprocessors in its machines, so it's not surprising that it was also a pioneer in the development of hardware and software solutions designed to capture player and machine information, provide loyalty-building marketing tools, and increase casino management efficiency.  Today, IGT offers a diverse array of gaming system products through its IGT Systems division.

IGT Advantage Casino System

The IGT Advantage Casino System is a casino operator’s toolkit designed and installed to attract and retain loyal customers, improve operations, and increase the bottom-line of our technology partners.  Countless engineering hours along with millions of dollars in research and development have been invested in order to make the IGT Advantage system best in class.  Combined with the largest service, support, installation and training team in the industry, partnering with IGT Systems is never a gamble.  That’s why many of the largest corporate, independent, and Native American gaming operators choose IGT Systems as their technology partner.  Our customers include Station Casinos, MGM MIRAGE, Mandalay Resort Group, Wynn Resorts, Pinnacle Entertainment, Isle of Capri Casinos, Harrah’s Entertainment, Atlantis Casino Resort, Spa Resort Casino, Table Mountain Casino, Cache Creek Casino Resort, Thunder Valley Casino, and Valley View Casino.

The IGT Advantage Casino System includes a wide array of technology products designed to empower customers to run a more profitable business.  These products include:

  • Bonusing products designed to increase player loyalty
  • Patron Management for all marketing and player’s club functionality
  • Machine Accounting financial management tools
  • Cage & Table Applications for managing table game operations
  • Table Touch system designed to streamline pit functions
  • EZ Pay & Coinless Transit® applications for all cashless requirements
  • Mobile Data Access solution provides real-time data on a mobile device
  • Visual Slot Performance tool provides visual analysis of the slot floor
  • NexGen® player tracking hardware, the multimedia interface for players

More than 275,000 machines worldwide operate on various IGT Advantage Systems, and that number is expected to grow as IGT increases its market share with other system products including Class II systems and server-based gaming systems.

The IGT Advantage Casino System is designed on the foundation of improving the marketing capability of customers and increasing player loyalty.  From the inception of our Bonusing technology in 1991, IGT Systems has pursued and continues the development of new jackpot and loyalty concepts.  Our Bonusing tools allow customers to uniquely brand and implement a marketing program that differentiates their casino from the ever-increasing competitive environment in which they operate.  For example, when discussing the financial performance on an earnings conference call, Glenn Christensen, Chief Financial Officer of Station Casinos, was quoted as saying that "XtraPlay Cash and Random XtraPlay Cash from the [IGT] Bonusing System have been very well received by customers."  Christensen then added, "These products are examples of our continued use of technology to differentiate Station Casinos from our competitors" and "…provides sustainable competitive advantages."

When discussing the competitive landscape along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, one Beau Rivage Casino executive explained, "We were surrounded.  We had overestimated the market.  Once we started using Free Play [IGT’s XtraCredit® Bonus], we saw a dramatic improvement in results."  The Bonusing toolkit, combined with the other products offered by IGT Systems, provides the casino operator a complete and powerful set of hardware and software technology to manage a more profitable casino.

The industry-leading EZ Pay Ticket System was the first to enable casinos to take advantage of the money-saving benefits of ticket-in, ticket-out technology.  Among the EZ Pay products currently available: IVS, an integrated voucher system that brings ticket functions to casinos with compatible non-IGT player tracking; EZ Pay, a smaller, more affordable version called EZ Pay Ltd for locations with 100 or fewer machines; and EZ Route, a unique validation system designed for route operators and smaller gaming sites.

The Table Touch table games management product is a touchscreen table games application allowing for more real-time bet tracking, clear views of the rack count, quick assessment of need and win/loss at each table, and advanced capabilities in bet tracking and comping.  The Table Touch product is an easy-to-use system giving pit personnel more time to do their jobs without being tied to a cumbersome data entry system.  Ratings may be entered by simply sliding a patron's card, touching the appropriate table icon, and entering a buy-in amount. The rating is updated whenever necessary to account for periodic changes in average bet and additional buy-in. Credit information, predominantly marker issuance and redemption, is also factored into the player and table information. Ratings are closed in seconds, allowing for more accurate and timely comp information. Player profiling is also included in the Table Touch product so that specific player bet attributes may be recorded and tracked.

Since any software and hardware solution is only as good as the service that stands behind it, IGT has developed a multi-pronged support program that gives customers the assistance they need — morning, noon, or night.  A technical assistance center provides system support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. IGT's worldwide regional offices supply timely on-site service and online information unmatched by any other system vendor.

Further, IGT offers installation, training and consulting services, including degree and certificate programs for different IGT Advantage Systems products, from the company's highly successful IGT Training department.  Facilitated by the IGT Systems division, the courses have been specially designed for each system product and for a variety of on-site system user

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